Season’s greetings & thanks to you!
This holiday season, we sit down with friends and family, share blessings,thanks and gifts. It’s a time to reflect and count our blessings.

But at Mom’s House, we need more than one day to say “thank you” for your tremendous support, so we do it every day through our work.
It’s been 25 years of strife for single parent families in Lancaster County. But one thing has remained constant: your commitment to Mom’s House and the single parents we serve. You are right there with us.
You were there this year when we expanded our services and partnerships. Mom’s House was able to stay open over the summer and provide support to more families than ever. Mom’s House provided education and support to families that walked in with nothing and learned to develop something no one could take from them… education, empowerment and dignity.
In our infant classroom, you are providing baby food, diapers and love to our youngest students who desperately need these essentials. And you are in our preschool classroom as Mom’s House provides encouragement, education for children, and
a strong foundation for their educational future.
You are helping single mothers across Lancaster County realize they can raise their family in financial independence to break the cycle of poverty. The average annual income of our current families in our program is $10,000.00, you are demonstrating to these mothers of Mom’s House that you are still standing beside them. With your support, we have implemented life skill workshops that increase parenting and professional skills, confidence, overall quality of life and lifetime earning potential for all the families we serve. They are learning how to transform their lives, families and community.
Thanks to your generous hearts and spirits. Thanks for caring, thanks for giving. You are among our biggest blessings.


Meet Melissa.   Melissa has worked with Mom’s House for 7 years as a childcare professional. Mom’s House is now proud to announce that Melissa has accepted the role of Program Director. We sat down with Melissa to ask her some questions about Mom’s House.

What does raising a family with dignity look to you?
“Parents pass down values and the important understanding of community, education, kindness and God to their children.”

How did you get involved with Mom’s House?
“I was looking for employment and saw Mom’s House was hiring. I heard of their mission and loved it. God had a plan for me.”

How did Mom’s House make a difference to you?
“I am so lucky that I get to see the difference Mom’s House makes every day. Our mission gives a second chance to those wanting to better themselves for their children. It’s beautiful to be apart of that.”

What do you wish everyone knew about Mom’s House?
“First, we are a non-residential nonprofit. Mom’s House is a highly accredited childcare center that has a great hand up program available to those who want to make a difference for their family and in their community.”

How has Mom’s House helped to shape your dreams and aspirations?
“I have always loved working with children but never had the confidence to continue my education. Seeing our mission at work daily and watching mothers’ confidence grow from getting their education inspired me to better myself.”

Will you make a $20 gift today to help Melissa make a bigger impact?
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